File; Original TitleNever Never: The Complete Series; CreatorColleen Hoover. New York Times bestselling authors Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher are back with the Never Never_ Part Three (Never - Colleen KB. Colleen Hoover (with Tarryn Fisher) Never Never series: Never Never - Colleen KB. Never Never_ Part Two - Colleen KB.

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Read {PDF Epub} Read Online / Download Never Never: Part Two by Colleen Hoover from the story Chin Ebook by Bilger with 54 reads. online, read, book. Colleen Hoover: Tarryn Fisher: elegtrafatswal.tkfisher. com This book is dedicated to everyone who isn't Sundae. Colleen Hoover: Tarryn Fisher: elegtrafatswal.tkfisher. com This book is for all of you who love happy ever afters and forgave me for the .

A car passes, and more water is tossed across the windshield. I watch as it trickles down again and disappears beneath the hood.

Everything is too vivid, too detailed to be a dream. I pick the pages up again, and with each sentence it becomes harder to read. My hands become increasingly unsteady. My mind is all over the place as I scan over the next page. I find out Silas is definitely my name and that Charlie is actually the name of a girl. My breathing is almost as erratic as the rain falling against the roof of my car.

I bring my left hand up to the back of my neck and squeeze as I read the last paragraph. One I apparently just wrote a matter of ten minutes ago. Find her. The first thing you need to do is find her. The last few words of the letter are scrawled, barely legible, like I was running out of time when I wrote it. The information is racing in my mind faster than my heart is beating in my chest. I can feel the onset of a panic attack coming, or maybe a breakdown.

I grip the steering wheel with both hands and breathe in and out through my nose.

Never Never: Complete Series by Colleen Hoover

Bourbon Street, Charlie, my brother, The Shrimp, the tarot reading, the tattoos, my penchant for photography. Why does none of it seem familiar? This has to be a joke. This has to be referring to someone else.

I grab my phone again and open up the camera app.

I lean forward and reach behind me, pulling my shirt forward and over my head. I hold the camera behind me and snap a picture of my back, then pull my shirt back into place and look at the phone. A strand of black pearls is tattooed on my back, just like the letter said. My stomach.

The contents of whatever I had for breakfast are now on the ground at my feet. My clothes are being soaked as I stand here, waiting to get sick again. When I think the worst is over, I climb back into the car. I look at the clock, and it reads I reach across the seat and open my glove box. I pull out the contents, tossing aside vehicle and insurance information.

I find an envelope with our names written across it. A duplicate of everything I just read.

I continue to flip through the papers until a folded piece of paper tucked at the very bottom of the glove box steals my attention. It has my name written across the top of it. I open it, first reading the signature at the bottom. I start back at the top of the page and begin reading. Dear Silas, This is not a love note. I hate those girls, always so lovesick and disgusting.

Anyway, this is the anti-love note. For instance, I do not love the way you brought me orange juice and medicine last week when I was sick. And what was with that card? You hope I feel better and you love me? And I definitely do not love the way you pretend that you can dance when you really look like a malfunctioning robot.

And speaking of how you do everything wrong, remember when I hurt my back during cheerleading practice? It was a clear sign of how needy and selfish you can really be.


How dare you, Silas! I will also no longer tolerate the things you say about me around our friends. When Abby made fun of my outfit that day and you told her that I could wear a plastic bag and make it look couture, it was way out of line. And it was even more out of line when you drove Janette to the eye doctor when she kept getting headaches. You need to get a grip. All of this caring and consideration is so unattractive. So I am here to tell you that I absolutely do not love you more than any human on this planet.

I flinch every time I see your unblemished skin and think—Oh my god, that kid would be so much more attractive with some pimples and crooked teeth. Not in love. Not at all. Never Never. I stare at the way she signed off and read those words through a few more times. Charlie I flip the note over, hoping to see a date. If this girl wrote me letters like this, then how could everything I just read in my notes about the current state of our relationship even be true?

Or at least I was in love with her.

What happened to us? What happened to her? I fold the letter up and put it back where I found it. The garage door is shut when I pull into her driveway. The place is grungy. A cat is pawing at the bag. When I step out of the car, the cat dashes down the street. I look around as I make my way to the front door. I knock several times, but no one answers. I look around one last time before I turn the knob.

I quietly push the door open. One of the doors is open in the hallway. I walk in and find the bedroom empty. Two beds—this must be where Charlie and her sister sleep. And I like how his lips connect softly with mine right after he finishes saying whatever it was he just said. And I was right. And just like in the movies, my arms are dangling at my sides until I realize how much I want to be in this with him and finally begin to kiss him back.

This is almost comical—this stranger, kissing me as if it were the last thing left on his bucket list. It makes me wonder what compelled him to do this. Both of his hands move to hold my face now, like we have nowhere else to be today. Right when one of his hands slides through my hair, the water splashes beneath my feet.

It just adds to the ridiculousness of this kiss. Of course. It was way too perfect. He pulls back and the look in his eye is somehow satiated and starving at the same time.

He pulls his phone out of his pocket and looks down at it.

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Me allowing him to kiss me? Someone calling him in the middle of said kiss?

He laughs a little as he presses the phone against his ear. Then he looks up at me. Is this a prank? He puts the phone to his ear and takes a step away from me. He laughs nervously and grips the back of his neck. All the color in my body—in this ridiculous moment with this random guy—pools at my feet, leaving me feeling like the second-rate carbon copy of Honor Voss.

My twin sister. The girl who is obviously on the other end of that phone call. I cover my face with my hand and turn around, grabbing my shoes and my sack. This is why he was watching me in the store. He thought I was her. It all makes sense now.

This was him mistaking me for his girlfriend and me being a complete fool for not immediately realizing what was happening. I feel his hand grip my elbow.

I have no choice but to turn and face him because I need to make it clear that Honor can never find out about this. Honor and I are identical but if he knew my twin sister at all, he should know she would never be caught dead in public looking like I look right now. He slides his phone back in his pocket but it begins to ring again.

I grab his phone and swipe my finger across the screen. Why are you with Sagan? Even his name is perfect. I just. He thought I was you but then you called and.

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Honor laughs again. I wish I could have seen his face. Nothing could ever top this level of embarrassment. Chapter Two I am such a fool. But God, it was so beautifully unexpected. His intensity caught me off guard but the second he kissed me I was a goner. Thank you!. Marie Estrella. Thank you. Kim Stewart. Mehak Kalia.

Oh god I have waited to listen to this book for a while now Is it the last part? Sidra Memon. Where are the first and 2nd parts.

Trina Lewis. Loved it - thanks for the upload!!. Alessandra Zuloaga. Finally thanks!!!!!. Aris Nunz replied to Mehak.

Never Never Series

Mehak , yes this one is the last part. Aris Nunz replied to Sidra.I stare at him. He laughs nervously and grips the back of his neck. I lean forward and reach behind me, pulling my shirt forward and over my head.

When he opens his mouth to speak, I hang on to every word. I can see a safety pin near his elbow.

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