Preface Very Easy TOEIC' Second Edition has been designed for .. This book contains twelve units, one practice test, and support with a. Sống theo-phương-thức_(cuốn 3). Student. Very easy toeic. maicanhtinh. Toeic teachers guide_international. eblogviet. TEST 2 -ECCE. Very Easy Toeic-PDF - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free.

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Very Easy TOEIC Second Edition is designed for beginning level students of Cambridge University Press , Student's Book ISBN: , c. Title: Very Easy TOEIC, Second Edition (with 2 Audio CDs), Beginning TOEIC Test-taking Skills Author: Anne Taylor,Garrett Byrne Pages: pages. Publisher . Very Easy TOEIC Second Edition Student Book with Audio CD ( ) and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible.

If you are taking the test in order to apply for a job, find out what proficiency level is required.


By doing model or practice tests, you will become more familiar with what is tested. You should, therefore, study business-oriented vocabulary taken from such topics as banking, corporate issues, economy, health, restaurants, travel, etc.

You may need to learn everyday idiomatic expressions, too. Presumably, exam preparation is a vital period for candidates who wish to obtain an internationally-recognised certificate.

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Such candidates will find it less stressful if they can have relevant and beneficial materials in hand. This is an introductory book which is regarded as the foundation for learners beginning to familiarise themselves with the TOEIC test. It is divided into two chapters: Listening and Reading.


Chapter 1 consists of 12 tests which all have the same format and specifically focus on Parts 3 and 4 of the TOEIC Listening test: conversations and short talks. Every test comprises two conversations and one short talk, and each is followed by a set of three questions for you first to practise doing the test, and then to take dictation.

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The subway is even slower because it is a fifteen-minute walk from my house to the subway station. Then the subway ride is another twenty minutes. In the winter, through, I have to take the bus because of the weather. Questions 4 through 6 refer to the following talk.

Very Easy TOEIC Book with CD

W: I'm a wedding planner. My job brings me a lot of pleasure.

Today is an amazing day. I am planning my sister's wedding. She will wear a beautiful white dress.

I also get to wear a lovely dress. After the wedding all the guests will have a nice dinner and will dance of hours. In the evening my sister and her new husband will cut a cake the designed.

I hope they like it a lot. Picture Description 1. B This is a big house.

A There are boats on the water. A The men are working.

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C The man is wearing a tie. D The computer is next to the woman. Part 2 Question and Response 1.

C He's going to the store. A I'll turn on the fan. B I'm watching a movie.

B It's easy. I'll show you. C Usually at You have one hour to complete each part.

What, where, who, why, how—ask for information. No notes for slide. Next week, we will have the first of our two annual fire drills.

There are just natural speech is very fast for second language Listening Test Part 1: D] Mary is his old school friend.

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