a-xx Komisar/paper FM 3rd 6/14/01 AM Page iii The Monk and the Riddle Th e A r t o f Creating a Life while Making a Living R a n dy K o m i s a r with kent . Editorial Reviews. Review. Prospective entrepreneurs may think they know everything there is to know about starting a business in Silicon Valley. PDF - The Monk and the Riddle. Chosen as one of the Top Business books of all time by Jack Covert and Todd Sattersten of CEO-Read, The Monk and .

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Randy Komisar's "office" is the Konditorei coffee bar in Portola Valley, part of Silicon Valley in California. There would be millionaires and billionaires, come to . The Monk And The Riddle Read Download PDF/Audiobook. File Name: The Monk And The Riddle Total Downloads: Formats: djvu | pdf | epub | mp3 |. The Monk and The Riddle: The Art of Creating a Life While Making a Living by Randy Komisar.

He is prized for his keen sense of direction and company-building skills. The third CEO must lead the team, pulling an operating company that grows heavier by the day with people and public company responsibilities.

She is prized for her constancy and scalability. None of these, to me, is more valuable than the other. All are equal in importance, just different in skills and temperaments. I mentor the founding CEO so she can go as far as she wants or as far as her abilities permit. And when she decides to pass the mantle, I help with the transition to new leadership.

Q: In The Monk and the Riddle, you talk about creativity in the business world, making it a very personal commodity. How does it come into play in a realm where ruthlessness is the norm? A: I realized over the years that business isn't primarily a financial institution. It's a creative institution. Like painting and sculpting, business can be a venue for personal expression and artistry, at its heart more like a canvas than a spreadsheet.

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Because business is about change. Nothing stands still. Markets change, products evolve, competitors move into the neighborhood, employees come and go.

Business is one of the last remaining social institutions to help us manage and cope with change. It, however, has a tendency to become tainted with the greed and aggressiveness that at its best it channels into productivity. Left to its own devices, business may never deliver the social benefits that the other fading institutions once promised.

[PDF Download] The Monk and the Riddle: The Art of Creating a Life While Making a Living [PDF]

But, rather than give up on business, I look to it as a way, indirectly, of improving things for many, not just a lucky few. I accept its limitations and look for opportunities to use it positively. In the U. You decide whether your business is constructive or destructive.

I help people understand this and express themselves in what they do, trying to make a difference through business. Q: Your book also discusses the "Deferred Life Plan. A: The "Deferred Life Plan" is simple.

There are two steps. Step one: "Do what you have to do. An occa- sional open-air market. We slow down for water buffalo pulling a caravan of carts and weave paths around lumber- ing herds of cattle who wander onto the road, their bells chiming in the dust.

Half an hour later, the monk signals me, with a tap on the shoulder, to pull over in front of a ramshackle, window- less shed. We enter a crowded room filled with farmers and loiterers, members of a full-fledged profession in Burma. The locals are excited to see an American where none usually tread. The monk sits down at a small bench and offers me lunch. I shake my head.

PDF - The Monk and the Riddle

He sponges up the last bit of thick, brown sauce with a wad of rice, and we take off again. Riding for hours, another kilometers or so, we end up at Mount Popa, an ancient Buddhist temple built on a moun- tain of rock that erupts from an otherwise flat landscape. At night, trance dancers take on the spir- its of the Nats in their gyrations.

My monk disappears quietly up the hill, without so much as a peep in my direction. With the noble hospitality of one who has nothing, Mr. Wizdom motions for me to sit down. Wizdom replies elliptically.

I accept a drink of water and shake Mr. My work is done. I head back to my motorcycle to find the young monk waiting for me. Confused, I look plaintively toward Mr.

Wizdom who is gazing at us from the temple steps. Wizdom offers with a shrug. Can you take him? Wizdom comes forward, a monkey squealing behind him. For his part, the young monk reaches for my backpack, readying himself for another journey. I drove him all afternoon. Now he wants to go back? Wizdom shrugs his shoulders again and turns back toward the temple.

But let me give you a riddle to solve. Wizdom and a magic riddle. You must sit with the riddle a while, and the answer will simply come to you. How do I do that?

My mind flips fast through the forgotten pages of elementary sci- ence texts. I am tempted to blurt out answers, for if I solve Mr. Instead, I take his instructions to heart and let it go. For now. With a final nod, Mr.

Wizdom retreats, leaving the ques- tion with me as a souvenir of Mount Popa. This time, the monk leads me to gas. When you stop to fill up, local merchants mysteriously materialize to take your money. You decide whether your business is constructive or destructive. I help people understand this and express themselves in what they do, trying to make a difference through business.

(PDF Download) The Monk and the Riddle : The Education of a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur PDF

There are two steps in life according to this plan. Step one: Do what you have to do. If we get there. You need to reconsider your strategies and business models constantly and adjust them when necessary.

But the big idea that your company pursues is the touchstone for these refinements. Business is about people. First, the people you serve, your market. Then the team you build, your employees. Finally, your many business partners and associates. Sever the chain of values between leadership and the people translating strategy into products and services for your customers, and you will destroy your foundation for long-term success.

Your Passion is not the same as your Drive. This is an interesting distinction I had never considered before.

Drive pushes you toward something you feel compelled or obligated to do. It requires true self-knowledge to understand your passion.

Once you gain a modicum of self-knowledge, you can express your passion. If management is a science, leadership is an art. It complements and supports but cannot do without leadership, in which character and vision combine to empower someone to venture into uncertainty.

It was in getting somebody else to do that and to do it better than I could ever do; in encouraging people to exceed their own expectations; in inspiring people to be great; and in getting them to do it all together, in harmony.

That was the high art.The monk and the riddle With the noble hospitality of one who has nothing, Mr. You know what he takes? We keep driving, looking for the old town and my hotel.

Gradually, I became more active in the business, but I declined to assume a more traditional role as an executive in the company.

The monk hops off the truck happily and walks slowly toward me, flashing a warm, penetrating smile. How do I do that?

Hun- dreds? Can your team do the job?

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